Friday, October 29, 2010

Eat All You KHAN Mongolian Grill

Mongolian BBQ

Yep, it's another Mongolian BBQ in Singapore. I came across this unexpectedly when passing through Lau Pa Sat (18 Raffles Quay Stall 47) earlier today, so we decided to come back tonight to give it a try. The name certainly was amusing, but would the food be any good, especially being in a hawker center? Well, I suppose that they exist in US food courts.

It was better than I thought it would be, and at S$6.50 (US$5), it was probably the cheapest option in town too. Their bowls were a bit small (not to mention confusing given that they want you to put meat in a separate bowl), but they were generous enough to give you an extra helping of noodles if you get the single serving option. I just need to remember to mix the sauce myself next'd think that I'd have learned by now.

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