Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gustazo Gourmet Tuyo from the Philippines

Gustazo Gourmet Tuyo

My Filipina colleague brought me some more packaged food from the Philippines, this time being something called tuyo. The way she explained it to me was that it was some kind of stinky fish that traditionally is eaten by peasants but is now common among the masses.

Based on that description as well as some stuff that I read online, I was expecting it to be so offensively strong that it would just stink up the entire place when I opened it. It turned out to be much tamer than I had thought, with those thin and salty strips of herring going great with a bowl of rice.

Yes, it had some stank to it, but in a good way. Perhaps the stronger smelling things were those cloves of garlic sitting inside, but of course that made it all the more tasty too. Anyway, I liked it. If this was the "mild" version, then I'm curious to know what the stronger ones taste like.


Monday Chimps said...

Wow! I did not know that they have Tuyo in a bottle! pack similarly like a sardines!

Is it nice? I bet you wont be accustomed to the taste...

I personally like the freshly cooked ones. The smell is evil! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I used to read your blog very frequently, but I guess I don't have as much time these days even though you're still bookmarked on my browser.

However, I just wanted to say you are probably my favourite food blogger or whatever the trendy inter-web people call it these days. The unpretentious camera phone pictures and lack of a million ads plastered all over your blogspot default layout doesn't give me an eye-sore... And of course the good command of English makes reading so much more pleasant.

Thank you for keeping it real.

J.O. said...

Not only has it become popular with the masses - chefs have also turned it into a pasta dish, prepared like aioli.