Monday, March 22, 2010

Penne on Lufthansa Econ Class

Pasta on LH Econ Class

They were serving the duck with rice again on Lufthansa tonight, so I went for the pasta instead. It was bearable for airplane food, even if it was a bit repetitive with the pasta salad that accompanied it. The little profiteroles were a nice surprise though.

Actually, what was more interesting to me was the surprisingly pleasant experience in Lufthansa economy class. Sure, the seats were still uncomfortable for sleeping on a long haul, but they at least had seatback screens installed, and the abundance of drinks awaiting in the galley through the flight was a nice touch.

I didn't realize that their A340-600's had stairways leading down to a set of lavatories on the cargo deck either; it was great at minimizing the disturbances in the main cabin, and all with the bonus of larger-than-usual bathrooms with automatic faucets to boot.

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