Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chicken With Potatoes on SQ

Chicken with Potatoes

Our meal choices were given verbally tonight: "fish with rice" or "chicken with potatoes." The meals were also served on square trays rather than the longer rectangular ones, thus eliminating the possibility of SQ's usual salad, cheese and crackers, and ice cream.

Clearly this was done given the very fast flight here, as there wasn't really much time to eat even this meal. I wasn't exactly expecting the chicken to be covered in barbeque sauce either, but somehow it was still edible enough that I was able to finish it quickly.

I'd be interested in giving LH a try on this leg next time, especially since it doesn't seem like SQ is using those A340s with the Executive Economy class seats to Jakarta anymore anyway.

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JWG said...

I have been following your blog for several years now and really enjoy the virtual travel & tasty meals. My previous job had me flying to S'pore quite a lot, so now after the downturn & subsequent layoffs your posts are like a trip down memory lane.

Thanks for your efforts to keep it updated and have some East Coast Chili Crab for me!