Monday, February 22, 2010

Trying Shatangjie and Amakusa Oranges

From left: Sihui Shatangjie, Cheapo China Brand, JA Karatsu Amakusa

I guess it's hard to avoid oranges these days, eh? That's particularly true for the one in the middle, which is just a commonplace mandarin that one passes around during the ongoing Chinese New Year holidays. To me, they are boring, tasteless, and something to be used as more of a symbolic gesture than anything that one would actually want to eat.

But then I got a huge box of those little guys on the left, which apparently come from Sihui in Guangdong. Despite their little golf ball-like size, these were pretty much just minature mandarins...and thus were fortunately still easy to peel, if similarly boring in taste (and annoyingly carrying seeds at that). I prefer tangier ones instead.

And that leads to the Japanese orange on the right, which came in a gigantic (and as usual, expensive) gift box. While they looked perfect on the outside, unfortunately they were not the kind that one wants to peel - and they came with seeds too. They were more tangy than the others, but I still prefer the much punchier mikan variety from last month - or dekopon instead.

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