Monday, December 07, 2009

My First Flight on Jetstar Proper

Buy-on-board food on Jetstar

Our return flight with Valuair from Bali turned out to be with Jetstar instead. But when I got on board, the seats and decor didn't look like the Jetstar that I remembered. It was only after looking at the in-flight magazine did I realize that we were not flying Jetstar Asia, but rather Jetstar proper from Australia.

That also meant that it came with a food menu that was largely sourced from Australia. They did not have any pies nor Solo lemon drink left today, so I settled for this other stuff. None of it was anything exciting, but the flight was a lot better than Jetstar Asia or Valuair. Those seats on the way over were rather uncomfortable.


kevin said...

Did you have to pay for the food? Or was it free because it's Valuair?

Aboo said...

Were the crew Australian?