Sunday, October 04, 2009

Patong Seafood, Phuket, Thailand

Fried Clams with Garlic

Whoa...The Wall Street Journal was right. They ran a story a number of years back, saying how much they liked this place (98/2 Thaweewong Road, 76-341-244), even though it was right in the middle of Patong Beach with all the markings of a tourist trap. And yet the food was pretty darned good. The kitchen knew how to prepare to food so that its natural fresh flavor shone through, and we loved pretty much everything that we ordered, wishing that we had eaten here earlier.

Take, for instance, these stir-fried clams, which somehow had an extra rich undertone all while being refreshingly light enough that we kept scooping up the savory juice to adorn our steamed rice with. The flame grilled prawns carried just the right degree of smokiness, while the steamed version was just as enjoyable without being overpowered by the garlic that topped it. And even though its presentation was terribly tacky with that sliced pineapple and tomato garnish, the kitchen knew just how to balance the seasonings with the natural taste of the food, making it a delight to eat.

Sure, they also had that tacky seafood on ice thing out front. And this place is unnecessarily packed at night. The trick is to come during the day for lunch. With a nice breeze coming from the beach right into the restaurant, I'll happily park myself here on an afternoon eating nothing but those clams and a few bowls of rice. Yum.


vonvonx said...

gosh i miss phuket... rmb that their hor fun is sweet. Thais add sugar for every damn thing.. hahaha

Kimberly said...

That made me very hungry! Thankfully I'm headed back to Thailand in on week and will be at Patong beach in a month so I'll be able to check it out and get some delicious grub! I copied down the address, but I'm wondering if this place has a name?

bma said...

Patong Seafood *is* the name of the restaurant. It's easy to find, as it's on the main drag of Patong Beach between the Banana Club and the big Soi Bangla street that gets blocked off at night. There is a sign that says Patong Seafood, along with a tagline of something like "Best Seafood Since 1979." Or just set a GPS landmark for 7.89353°N, 98.29494°E.

Sylvie said...

My friends and I went to Laem Hin Seafood restaurant instead of staing put in Patong. It was about 40minutes drive from Patong Beach, take highway 402. Food is fantastic and cheap, we paid only THB1220 for 6 dishes of lip smacking food.