Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Kitakata Ramen, Market Street, Singapore

Shio Ramen and Gyoza

Another ramen shop has opened in Singapore (146 Market Street #01-18, 6536-4512). Well, sorta. The signboard says that it's a ramen shop, but it wasn't serving ramen for a good number of weeks after it opened, offering only rice dishes instead. I was so frustrated after so many aborted visits that I had pretty much forgotten about the place...that is, until I happened to pass by today and noticed that they finally peeled off the sticker that previously covered the ramen section of the menu. I thus grabbed a seat at the counter.

At this point, my expectations were terribly low. I figured that there was no way that this stuff could be good given how they kept dismissing it when they opened. But after wasting so much time in the previous months, I had to at least try this in an effort to partially redeem my efforts. I was thus surprised to find it better than I thought it would be. The chashu, while pathetically small, did the job, as did the gyoza, especially with a bit of that Cantonese-like chili oil that I like so much.

Now, keep in mind of course that this was all relative. I was expecting the worst, so nearly anything could have been good. In any other mindset, this place probably wouldn't really have left any impression on me, especially since the noodles and broth were yawners. But there was one thing that I was impressed with: the speed. Everything came out very quickly, which was exactly what was needed in the middle of the busy business district during the lunch hour. If I come back, it may just be for the speed rather than the food.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a huge fan. Anyways, do try the ramen bar in holland V. I had the roasted garlic ramen and am hooked. And good selection of condiments too... :]

Anonymous said...

I love ramen too!

There's a new Japanese Sushi and Shabu Shabu restaurant just opened in 55 Market street. Been there couple of times since its opened. Gotta admit, its pretty good. Their sashimi is really good if you like that sorta food