Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some Taro Root Bowl Thing

Some Taro Root Bowl Thing

I don't know if this is a common cze cha item or not, but it was basically an edible bowl made from taro root that was deep fried before getting filled with some stir-fried mix. It wasn't anything that I particularly enjoyed, but it was interesting to see. Besides, those airy fried strands of vermicelli on the side were fun to crunch on, even if they were tasteless.


Veron said...

I would say it is increasingly common to see such a dish at Chinese wedding banquets. The last few I attended (including one at The Fullerton) had such a dish, with a bowl that's similarly made from yam and containing vegetables.

Not particularly yummy, but it sure fills up the tummy.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's pretty common. It's usually called a yam basket :) I can't resist it!

Rona Y. said...

I had that for the first time at Spring Court in Chinatown. Their version is much prettier than the one you had. :-)

Anyway, it's the more traditional version of the common dim sum item, woo kok (taro puffs). I don't like woo kok, but the big version at Spring Court was actually really good. I think it's the quality of the taro "basket" that's important--there's is thin, so there's a high ratio of crisp to paste.

Anonymous said...

Its call yam pot ring and the restaurant that was started by one of its inventors is in Bendemeer.

This place makes the best yam ring. The yam is cooked till soft and mushy like mashed potatoes. Other places doesn't come close to this one.

The Mandarin Stew Chicken there is not bad too.

Enid Coleslaw said...

Yep it's a zichar standard. This is one version; another uses grated yam pressed into a basket shape before it's deep-fried, so you end up with a lighter, crispier 'basket', though the filling and beehoon garnishing are the same.

I prefer this one though - it's full-on yam!