Saturday, August 08, 2009

An Assortment of Japanese Lemon Sodas

From left: Lemon Squash, Super Lemon Soda, Kirin Lemon

Here were a few lemon sodas that I picked up from the Japanese supermarket today. The main thing that caught my eye was the slender Super Lemon Soda in the center. It wasn't as sour as I thought it would be, but it still was very strong, and tasted just like the candy. The Lemon Squash one on the left was a bit like a flavored Pellegrino, while the Kirin on the right was just like 7-Up. The latter only served to remind me that "lemonade" outside of the US is not the same lemonade that I usually think of.

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Veron said...

The design of the can at the center is very loud and unusual. It's something that I think only the Japanese with their eclectic design sense would put on a can. After reading your verdict, I will get this. Thank you.