Friday, June 19, 2009

Back to Singapore, Back to Fish Soup

Fish Soup

So...being back in Singapore, I'm back to fish soup again. Actually, not really. I just happened to be at Far East Square today and this was a random shop called Hong Hu Express that I stopped at on the fifth floor for a bite. Fish soup just coincidentally seemed healthy enough. It wasn't necessarily anything to get too excited about, but the ikan bilis on top provided a bit of a twist in flavor and texture.


Kathy said...

Hong Hu seem to do this "variations on a ban mian" thing. Try the other items, they've pretty decent (for the price) la mian, jiao zi and guo tie etc. They they aren't too bad and are definitely healthier than hawker food.

They've other branches at Far East Plaza and Fortune Centre, last I saw.

Anonymous said...

I think it's at Far East Plaza and not Far East Square.

bma said...

You're right - it was Far East Plaza, not Far East Square. I stand corrected!