Monday, April 20, 2009

One of the Better Meals on SQ

Roasted pork with grainy mustard sauce, roasted vegetables, and mashed potato

Hey that was actually half-decent. It may not look like much, but those rolls of pork were crumbly and moist, while the shrimp in that potato salad were surprisingly fresh. That was easily one of the better economy class meals I've had on SQ.


Kathy said...

It does look pretty good, is that shrimp salad I see?

Why do they always serve shrimp salad on the North Asian routes? We had that since we were kids. =P

foodbin said...

a decent meal.

Anonymous said...

I like that comment - a decent meal - It could be anywhere on this planet. People are starving. They do not care if the roll is a bit hard ( sure looked like that to me, and yeah I have flown A BIT) but then,I have learned, I am very, very, lucky, and any meal shared with friends is good.

Oridusartic said...

I always wonder, can we take a quick picture during a flight?

I always want to take food pictures in plane, but I'm afraid that I will be warned by the flight attendants. =S

I want to use my pocket digicam but yeah I'm still afraid. Haha

Btw, nice blog. This is my first visit. I found your blog through

Looks like I'm gonna be a fan. This blog is so full with cool food! =)