Friday, April 03, 2009

Hock Kee Tanjong Pagar Fuzhou Fish Ball Noodle

Fuzhou Fishball Soup

It had been a while since I had Fuzhou fishballs, so I grabbed a bowl from a random guy at Maxwell Food Centre today (stall number 8). I like these things because they have meat shoved inside all of that minced fish, although this one was a bit too soft for me. I was more fond of some of the ones I've had in Taiwan instead, where it often comes with tiny bits of celery in the broth.


foodbin said...

like the aroma of coriander in the minced meat of the Fuzhou fish ball.

Phoenix said...

You must have kolo mee here:

They serve it with some fuzhou fishballs. I'm 28 now but I grew up in the area. Their kolo mee has been my favourite since I was 10! The Fuzhou fishballs are like xiao long baos but in fishball form.

I'm now based in Melbourne and often crave a bowl of kolo mee from here!