Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fried Potatoes from Sapporo Curry Yoshimi

Fried Potato

Here were some fried potatoes from Yoshimi, a Japanese curry soup place from Sapporo that has expanded to Singapore...sorta. Actually, it's hosted as part of that Japanese Gourmet Town conglomeration at VivoCity (1 HarbourFront Walk #01-157, 6224-9690) together with an outlet of Botejyu and Ajisen.

The thought of a thin curry-flavored soup didn't sound very enticing today, but I did grab some fried potatoes just out of curiosity. Unfortunately, these didn't do it for me. While they were piping hot and crispy, they were so heavily breaded that one tasted more bread than potato. I suppose that I'll give that curry soup a try one of these days though.

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