Monday, March 02, 2009

S$10 Pizza Mondays at Al Dente Pronto

Al Dente Pizza

This was a completely unplanned trip (1 Kim Seng Promenade #02-K2, 6734-7334). I just happened to be heading upstairs at Great World City when I noticed a sign advertising "Pizza Mondays" featuring any pizza for just S$10 (US$6.70). Making the most of it, I grabbed one of the most expensive items available, the namesake Al Dente pizza.

Why was this thing normally priced at S$28 (US$18.70)? Maybe it was the truffle oil. Or the burrata, parma ham, and rucola. It all sounded nice, looked nice, and smelled nice (think: truffle oil), but I felt a bit sick in the end. It was actually *too* rich - so much that I had to dump a ton of chili pepper flakes on it just to cut through it all.

Most importantly, I really didn't like the crust. Yes, it was thin, but it was also very dense. It looks like I had the same impression of their pizzas a couple of years ago so I guess they haven't changed the recipe. Well, if you like this kind of dough, then S$10 Pizza Mondays is quite a steal. But I prefer something lighter.


Kathy said...

Have you tried Sistina at Chip Bee Gardens? I usually prefer thin crust pizzas and I'm not exactly a bread person, but it was pretty good last I tried (a couple of years ago).

The pizzas are thick crust btw.

Try oregano on omelette. It's fantastic.

Kathy said...

Having just done a quick check online (since it's been some years), Sistina seemed to have garnered pretty lousy reviews. Oops.

In your opinion, which place in sgp has the best pizzas? Spizza hasn't been consistent since they started expanding, and the pizzas being so thin, get burnt around the edges sometimes.