Thursday, December 04, 2008

QuQu (Quasi Queviures), Barcelona

Escalibada con queso de cabra gratinado

OK, this place was a bit touristy, judging by its location (24 Passeig de Gracia, 93-3174512) and what seemed to be lots of sangria coming out of the bar. But with all of those colorful items glistening away behind the counter, I couldn't help but pull up a chair and try some of them out.

I asked for some tapas recommendations, and the first thing that came was this escalibada, a Catalan form of grilled vegetables seasoned with olive oil - and in this case topped with cheese too. It was fine - it tasted like it looked and sounded. Behind the escalibada in the photo was some chorizo, which were a bit mild but still fun to eat, especially when paired with beer.

Next up was a plate of patatas bravas, or cubes of fried potatoes covered in a mildly red mayonnaise that wasn't as spicy as I would have hoped for. I also got some fried artichoke, which were interestingly cut into very thin slices before deep frying. This made them potato-chip like, albeit with little remnants of the leaves attached. Hopefully they at least used olive oil for their deep frying so that my conscience can feel a bit more at ease.

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