Saturday, November 08, 2008

Congee from Yoshinoya Singapore

Congee Set

This was the congee set from Yoshinoya Singapore's tea time menu. While I know better than to deviate from the basic beef bowl at any Yoshinoya outside of Japan, I figured that this still consisted of the same basic rice and beef components, except that it was sludgier. I was wrong; this was pretty bland and nasty. I don't know why - maybe the gruel covered up the fragrance of the shop's beef or something, but next time I'll go back to the normal bowl with discrete grains of rice.


Buda said...

That's a shame, as I love congee. Can't say I've ever had beef congee though. What's the plate of mystery gunk to the left of the congee?

Katie said...

I love seeing all the different food you get to eat. I tell you what, we must be travelling on different airlines because our plane food is nothing like any of the stuff you've eaten!

Anonymous said...

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