Monday, September 08, 2008

Sampling Snacks off the Streets of Macau

Selling Barbequed Meat

There sure is no shortage of snacks here in Macau. As we walked down Rua do Cunha today, we were accosted all around by vendors offering samples of their goodies, including barbequed meat that was reminiscient of Singaporean bak kwa, but oftentimes cut much more thickly. The samples I tried were also a bit less sweet and aromatic than what we can get in Singapore. But there was one variety that was so spicy that I practically started choking on just a little sliver. Just be careful when approaching some of the vendors on the street as many of them walk around with sharp scissors pointed at you.

Handing out almond cookies

Local almond cookies were also often handed out on the streets. Unlike the flatter American version that I had envisioned with an almond on top, these were much stubbier and featured almonds mixed into the cookie dough instead. I think I prefer the American version.

Dried Fish

And while salted dried fish aren't exactly a street snack, it was interesting to see a bunch of shops on Avenida Almeida Ribeiro hanging all sorts of varieties there for your choosing.

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