Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Nga Tim Cafe, Coloane Village, Macau

Caldo Verde plus a Ju Pa Bau in the basket on the right

Coloane Village was a very quiet place, but at least there was this open-air Macanese place (8 Rua Caetano, 2888-2086) next to the Church of St. Francis Xavier to grab a bite at. Many of the usual local dishes were available, including fried clams and African chicken. I went for a few things that I hadn't tried yet though, including caldo verde, a Portuguese vegetable and sausage soup with olive oil, as well as some foil-wrapped baked vegetable dish. Admittedly, neither of them were so exciting that I jumped for joy at them, but I'm sure that many of the other things available here would have been worthwhile.

I also took this chance to grab a ju pa bau, or a local pork chop bun that was nothing more than a small pan-fried pork chop shoved into a roll. It was fine - it was a bit like a Vietnamese banh mi, but without any sauces nor veggies to go along with it. Such simplicity meant that it was very dependent on the pork carrying the bulk of flavor, and apparently locals are quite heated in their debates about which shop makes the best one. I'm not sure if Nga Tim is the right place to get something like this (there was a stall across from Lord Stow's that we probably should have checked out as well), but I did want to try this once before leaving.

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