Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Jolly V Fried Chicken, Lau Pa Sat

Jolly Meal 3: Palábok with Chicken

OK, this wasn't really meant to be a streak of Filipino food at Lau Pa Sat, but I just happened to notice these guys while I was here, and was curious to try a plate while I was at it. The chicken was different: rather than a rock-hard batter, this coating seemed almost bread-like, which was a nice change of pace. This was supposed to be a knockoff of the big Filipino fast food chain Jollibee, but I've never been to one of those so I really can't make a valid comparison.

Perhaps more interesting was the fact that my so-called Jolly Meal came with a serving of pancit palábok, a Filipino-Chinese dish similar to Thailand's kanohm jin noodles but topped with some sort of Filipino sauce. Contrary to how it looked, it wasn't a sweet nor sour sauce at all: it was just salty enough for me to enjoy. I suppose that I'm never going to complain about anything that it topped with crushed pork rinds though.

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Pete said...

Thanks for the dining tip. I was down at Jolly V for lunch today (my first time in Lau Pa Sat in more than 10 years!). Really enjoyed the crispy, light fried chicken. And their pancit palabok, despite being simpler than the shrimp-and-pork-crackling-studded versions I've tried in Manila, was still very tasty indeed. A great change from the usual Singaporean hawker fare.