Thursday, May 08, 2008

O'Learys Sports Bar & Grill, Singapore

Boston Celtics BBQ Burger

This burger wasn't necessarily anything to go nuts over. But what *was* interesting was the fact that this Boston-themed sports bar was actually a big chain from Sweden. And of all places, they opened a location at the new Singapore Flyer (30 Raffles Avenue #01-04, 6337-6718).

Nope - there are no Swedish meatballs here. But it does add another place to get American food around here aside from Dan Ryan's and the Seah Street Deli. I'll probably just wait for my next trip home though.

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Anonymous said...

Next time you are looking for a good burger fix, try this place - Bar Bar Black Sheep on Cherry Avenue, along Bukit Timah Road. Regulars might hate me for sharing their secret...but anyway, this sort of modern-style coffee shop has a western stall called Smok'inn Frogz that serves an awesome burger and fries at reasonable prices. And the best part - the front stall is a bar (hence the name), so you can have a good selection of beers with your meal. I hope you give it a try! The owner is often around, he's a very nice guy, he also runs a pub in the city called Public House on the corner of Rendezvous Hotel. A real 'pub' atmosphere and very decent food too.