Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Tan's Beef Noodle, Holland Drive Food Centre

Beef Noodle

I noticed this guy's banner boasting of "Famous Taiwanese Beef La Mian" and a 60-year old family recipe, so I went on down today (44 Holland Drive #02-35) to check it out. While the portions for even the "large" bowl were rather small, it fortunately did taste respectably like the real deal. Too bad that I'm not a huge fan of Taiwanese beef noodle to begin with though.


mama bok said...

I prefer my beef really thinly sliced.. ;)

hohoho said...

you should have eaten at the duck rice stall NEXT to the taiwanese noodles. It's one of the best duck rice/char siew i've had in singapore since hongkong.

bma said...

Actually, I did...waited a full 10-15 minutes in line just a couple of days earlier when the beef noodle guy wasn't open yet. But it was so unremarkable to me that I didn't think that it was worth writing about.

My main gripe was that the sauce covered up all of the taste. While one naked piece that I got finally did taste like some rich smoky duck, I'd rather just wait until my next trip to KL or HK instead. Then again, I'm not exactly a regular eater of this stuff, so maybe I'm ordering incorrectly or something.

Thanks for the tip nonetheless. Please keep 'em coming!

ilane said...

Heya, I haev a love-hate relationship with your blog. I'm a Singaporean who has been on a month long break in Los Angeles and it's time hometown cravings start to kick in. I love all the local food you put up but the pictures make me so hungry. Can see cannot eat. A lot of places I haven't tried to so I'm definitely on a food spree once I get home. Thanks for all the recommendations!

Anonymous said...

Try the beef noodles stall next to Char Kway Teow stall on 1st floor facing Margaret Drive at Margaret Drive Food centre. It was formerly at Orchard Emerald Food court. I love the mixed parts beef noodle, it's one of the best I've eaten. :)