Sunday, January 06, 2008

Monster Mash Cafe, Singapore

English Cumberland Sausage, Champ Mash, and Onion Gravy

Cool. These guys from Edinburgh just opened a shop in Singapore one week ago (26A Lorong Mambong in Holland Village, 6463-4610), specializing in bangers and mash...and a variety of sausages, potatoes, and gravy for you to choose from at that. While I don't exactly frequent the UK enough to lend much of an opinion on this, it worked for me. The sausages were grilled just right and were savory without being excessive, while the potatoes were lumpy enough to provide texture and tasty enough even without the thin gravy on the side. Now, this place isn't exactly styled like a cozy pub, but I'm definitely coming back for the honest, no frills food; they also offered other things like fish and chips and even a promise of haggis soon.


Julie said...

Looks amazing! well presented as well!

Apocalypta said...

I think you need to revisit Monster Mash.

I've been going fairly regularly --was just there yesterday for lunch.

They've got new sausages out like pork and whisky, smoked pork, apple and sage, and Lucifer (spicy beef)... very, very good.

We also tried the British fry up (greasy breakfast ahoy!) and fish and chips (pretty good, thick cut chips, and mushy peas -- an acquired taste).

And you need to try their desserts, too: Sticky toffee pudding and bread and butter pudding... A bit sweet, but delicious nonetheless with a jug of custard!

Oh yum. I need to go back soon...