Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Cathay Restaurant, Singapore

Baked BBQ Pork Pastry

These guys (2 Handy Road #02-01, 6732-6623) apparently have quite a bit of history in Singapore, and have recently risen from the ashes at the new Cathay building. I didn't expect much from this place, figuring that it would be just another Chinese restaurant in the city, but I left pleasantly impressed.

We had all sorts of things today, including some dim sum that I had no complaints about (and certainly liked the Cantonese style chili sauce). But what really got me going was the deep fried crispy silver bait fish. This little plate is of course available elsewhere, but these guys seasoned them just the way I like it, with scallions and little bits of dry chili pepper. The crispy roasted chicken was exactly as advertised too: light and crispy while dusted with fine grains of cereal. And while the steamed rice with waxed sausages & taro served in hot stone pot was a bit too smoky for me, I nearly jumped for joy when they scraped off some of those crispy rice edges and put them on a plate in front of us.

Verdict? I liked it. The food today was more memorable than what I had at the New Majestic Hotel sometime back, and I wouldn't complain about coming here again.

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