Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Old Spaghetti Factory, San Jose

Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce

If the photo looks like a plain old boring plate of spaghetti, that's because it is. The food at this now nationwide chain isn't exactly anything to go nuts over, but having grown up on this stuff, it is kinda fun to go to, especially with the old musty decor here at the San Jose location (51 N. San Pedro St, 408-288-7488).

They do give loads of food (or as they say in Singapore, "value for money"). Ordering a $7 plate of spaghetti also gets you a salad/soup, tea/milk, bread, and ice cream. Actually, if you think about it, it's not that much different from a dormitory cafeteria given that they make truckloads of the same food for everyone (and it doesn't exactly taste much different from something you made yourself back in college). But of course it's not on those plastic trays and you do get served. Oh, the memories.


Karen said...

aww man, i was hoping this would be a good food recommendation 'coz i'm heading to san jose in a few days. do you have any more san jose food entries? i was hoping you'd have a california category but no such luck for me. i LOVE all your pics of the singapore food (makes me seriously home sick... well food sick at least :D)

meowfunction said...

for great pasta, you should try il postale in sunnyvale downtown... amazing pasta al dante style.. with a glass of seghesio zin, it will be the prefect finish to a great night.