Monday, September 24, 2007

More UA Meals on the Return Leg

Turkey Sandwich

The menu on today's return flight said that we were getting barbecued chicken pizza, to which I got a bit excited since I hadn't seen pizza on an airplane before. But for some reason, they distributed "turkey sandwiches" instead. Actually, the salty stuff seemed more like ham if you ask me, but either way, the melted cheese inside was tasty enough that I'd actually buy this for lunch if someone were selling it near the office. Too bad the potatoes were still half-frozen though.

Roasted chicken with curry sauce, herbed basmati rice and creamed spinachAnd how is this for more curry on airplanes? Given the basmati rice and creamed spinach, I presume that this was meant to be more of an Indian than Japanese style, so I was a bit bummed to find it on the sweet side. Well, at least it was a nice alternative to the usual filet mignon.


Sebastian said...

This must have been in their business class, right? UA normally would only dish out some goo that looks like it has been eaten before.

Btw: great blog! I stumbled upon it, as I was looking for a place to go have lunch on Sunday, here in Singapore.


LoveBeef said...

There's always the Hindu meals on SQ. Nothing beats a tandoori chicken and creamy mattar paneer on your LAX-SIN flight after 2 weeks of boring US food. And the spicy achar is to die for.