Friday, April 13, 2007

Ras, The Essence of India

Some sorts of curries

This place (Clarke Quay Block 3D #01-05A, 6837-2800) is from the guys behind the Mongolian BBQ at the Tent. We had quite a number of items for lunch today, most of which all fared respectably well, including a great chicken kebab and even a refreshing spread of veggies. My favorite was the dal though, which interestingly featured heavy overtones of what seemed like roasted garlic (and it had quite a bit of a spicy kick to it too). Anyway, I won't go about trying to name everything we keep it short, let's just say that the food here was better than I thought it would be.

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Little Miss Random said...

I ate there too and was pleasantly surprised by the food. We were there for an early lunch on a Sunday and the chat special they had - 5 different kinds of dishes and unlimited Cobra (I think - could have been Kingfisher) beer for only S$25 - definitely warmed the cockle's of my alcoholic dining companion's heart.

I can't remember what I ate there now, but I remember choosing a Goan prawn dish and quite enjoying it.