Sunday, March 11, 2007

Doc Green's Salads and Grill, Singapore

Dr. Rosen

Whoa...I thought this was a locally grown shop until I realized later that this is actually a chain from Atlanta that has somehow made its way over to Singapore. Well, the thought of something healthy sounded rather appealing tonight, so we stopped by this place in the new extension of Centrepoint Shopping Centre (#B1-111, 6720-0470).

Other than the franchise's origins, there were no major surprises here...just simple and fresh tossed salads plus a few other items like soups and sandwiches. The salads all went by various "doctor" names, like mine, the Dr. Rosen (cue: Fletch), which featured blue cheese crumbles, bacon, and egg, among others. I followed this up with another salad dubbed the Dr. Wild, which had some decent pieces of grilled Portobello mushroom in it.

I do worry about the location that they've chosen though; if this were over in the Robinson Road area, this would probably get a good amount of dependable busy office worker business. But Centrepoint seems to be the wrong place for this, and it was apparent by the lack of customers in here (sadly, McDonald's across the way was much more packed). Indeed, the salads weren't so spectacular that I'd go out of my way to come here, but if they had an outlet in the business district, then I might very well be in there from time to time just to get a quick and healthy lunch.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation, the food was pretty decent. You're right about the location too; when I dropped by, I was the only customer there.