Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sop Buntut is Really Growing on Me

Sop Buntut

Here's another bowl of sop buntut from Bintan today. I'm really liking this stuff. Today's bowl was tongue-scorchingly hot (temperature-wise) but super savory and light that went well with the rice and crackers. The twists of lime added an extra dimension, as did the curiously green but spicy and oily (in a good way) sambal sauce, which had no fishy taste in it at all either (yay!).

The meat itself was of course tender, and I even tried to see if I could extract some bone marrow out of these, but unfortunately without much luck. Anyway, thumbs up on this stuff for me. I'm really liking it.


Frederick Engels said...

hey bma, how do you get around that really annoying one-pager visa on your trips there? i heard they had a one-year NON-professional visa for USD 120..could you corroborate?

ps back from there myself, only had a forgettable soto ayam this time

bma said...

Really? Is that true? If so, then I'm all over that. My passport is just getting chewed up by those annoying visas, and I keep having to get more pages added to my passport as a result of it (we'll oftentimes choose to go to Malaysia instead of Indonesia for golf now - just to save a passport page).

So if that non-business multiple-entry thing is true, then please do share details. I'll be the first in line at the embassy to get that!

Gennady Zyuganov said...

ye, i emailed them today but, expectedly no reply yet. will try to find out when my buddy gets back, he works for the brit consulate and is the one who mentioned it.
have those stickers on each page is borderline embarassing, makes passport looks like books