Sunday, July 23, 2006

Street Food off Ratchaprasong Road

Barbequed fish on the street

So this is what this place looks like in the daytime. I usually hop down here for some late night grub, but we were in the vicinity here late this afternoon and they had already started setting up the stalls, so we figured that we'd grab a quick snack. Unfortunately one bowl of tom yum turned out to be this huge bowl (the same size, if not bigger, than a large pho bowl).

A HUGE bowl of Tom Yum SoupAnyway, the food here was point here was just to see the barbequed fish from my last trip here and had earmarked for the future. And I thought it might be different from that (rather disappointing) fish that I had yesterday, but upon closer inspection (daylight helps), it was the same salt-encrusted thing, even if there were lemongrass strands shoved into it. At least they would have still been hot, sitting on the grill and all.

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