Wednesday, December 28, 2005

UAL Domestic First Class to Chicago

Chicken Caesar Salad

We were given two choices today: either the turkey wrap or the chicken Caesar salad. Since I hate wraps, the choice tonight was obvious. And I'm glad that I picked it. The chicken was huge, and it was surprisingly warm, moist, and tasty. The salad dressing was pre-made (and hence nowhere close to the "real" Caesar salad), but at least the lettuce was fresh. Wow - nice one on that.


Anonymous said...

Bryan - found you via Mikio's blog - seems like we always miss each other - I'm out in Chicago if you are out here for any length of time - or drop me a line next time you are around and we'll go eat. -Jerry

Princess_lee said...

welcome to singapore. stumbled upon your blog accidentally and am enjoying it :-) you seem to like indian and japanese so i'd like to recommend you my favorites. for veg indian, try annalakshmi. the main restauant is in excelsior hotel but they have 2 outlets in food court. interesting concept-- pay as you wish-- as they are a psuedo charity to promote indian cultural affairs but more importantly, food is really great. for haute japanese, try aoki (part of les amis group) but do omakase. for causal dining, try sushi yoshida. both have amazing fresh fish but try to go on tue or fri (i suppose you know that already). last but not least, my ALL TIME FAVORITE is iggy's at regent hotel. i think the food is the most experimental in singapore and some of its ingredients are exclusive. plus, great wine selection. bon appetit