Saturday, October 29, 2005

Breakfast in Berlin (surprise! more meat and cheese)

Breakfast in Berlin

Here we go again with another European hotel breakfast, stocked full of sliced meats and cheeses, which admittedly I’m already getting sick of. What’s strange is that I love cheese and what Americans call “cold cuts,” but more so as an afternoon snack (ha ha – childhood memories of delis and Hickory Farms stores) rather than breakfast (I’m not much of a breakfast person to begin with).

Well, they did have a pretty good selection of cheeses (including some with some extra stank – yum) and flatbreads today, and I was decently impressed with the scrambled eggs (not runny mush from a big trough, but rather piping hot and slightly crispy in fact from a dedicated grilling). And they had radishes, which are one of my favorites, especially if they’ve got that fresh clean taste with the mild wasabi-like kick. I nearly cleared out all the radishes from the breakfast spread today.

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rin said...

wow.. u seems to do a lot of traveling. and eating!

great blog. keep it up!