Monday, September 19, 2005

Oosters, Singapore

Sausage platter, Ham & Cheese Croquettes, Meatball, and Bitterballen

Oosters (25 Church Street, #01-04 Capital Square Three, 6438-3210) is a Belgian brasserie, featuring the requisite mussels and variety of beers. Although I like beer and steamed shellfish, I don't get cravings for this place as I wholeheartedly prefer clams over mussels. The celery, carrots, onion and garlic used in the Moules Mariniere mussel broth were a bit boring for me too - I'd prefer much more butter in it. I also find most Belgian beers to be too hoppy, Stella and Hoegaarden aside.

Moules MariniereStill, the food here isn't bad. I was really impressed by the crunchy shell yet tasty mushy insides of the bitterballen ("small breadcrumbed beef-balls with chopped onions and mixed herbs"). Other dishes like the sausages, meatballs, and croquette held up on their own. And there are always the novelties of having dedicated glass shapes for each brand of beer, as well as of using a mussel shell as a utensil for plucking out another mussel.

Well, next time I'm back here, the bitterballen are definitely going to be ordered. But I don't really expect to be coming here too often.


A Yoga Enthusiast said...

thats lot of chinese and japanese food!!! makes me feel hungery. images are really mouthwatering!
sanjay k.

Lin said...

Hey! xD

This was such a fun read! I'm Belgian and have been to Oosters, so it's really interesting to hear what someone non-Belgianese thinks of their food. *g*

I have to say though, those bitterballen were about the worst I've ever tasted. O.o I'm surprised you liked them! Maybe you should try them out in Belgium once? :D I hereby invite you to eat them with me, if you ever visit my country!

.. In the defense of the bitterballen: they ARE hand-made, I think! xD I'm not used to those.

The mussels at Oosters were pretty good, though! They're gigantic compared to those we get here, too. :)