Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Lamb Sandwich at Burger King Singapore

An interesting thing about globalization is the localization that occurs in the process. For instance, Burger Kings in Singapore offer a nasty Rendang Burger, based on a local beef dish here that I pretty much abhor. Today, I was passing by and noticed a "lamb burger," which sounded interesting (I'm pretty sure that you can't get it in the US, right?). Offered in two versions, I got the "Cheese Deluxe" version, meaning cheese and BBQ sauce, instead of the "Classic" spicy version. It wasn't bad - it had all those ingredients that we come to expect of BK. But there wasn't much lamb taste (it could have been beef or chicken for all I knew). I suppose that's a good thing if you don't like lamb, but I wanted to taste the lamb. Anyway, maybe I'll venture over to the spicy version next time, but don't give me the Rendang Burger! (yes, they still offer the signature Whopper)

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