Sunday, July 31, 2005

Thasevi Food "Famous Jalan Kayu Prata Restaurant"


This is probably the best known roti prata place in Singapore (237 Jalan Kayu, 6481-1537), and they are not ashamed to boast about it: "Best Awarded Roti Prata in Singapore" "Established Roti Prata Since 1960" "Roti Prata Available All the Time" "One & Only in Singapore, No Other Branch" (which is ironic, considering its competitor next door says something to the effect of "the best crispy prata, the one and only" - or something like that).

I liked it better than the Thomson Road place (which also likes to claim that they are the best). The egg/cheese prata is about the same, the curry is a bit bland, and the beehoon goreng (is this what "Singapore Noodle" is based on??) were only so-so, but the cheese paper prata (that big roll you see in the photo) is amazingly thin, crunchy and tasty - it almost tastes like a giant Cheez-it. The brownish mutton (kambing) soup is also pretty darned good here - full of a hearty and spicy taste. Awesome.

The service sucks though - don't come here in a hurry because it will take you forever to get through the crowds to your food. I'd like to try the next door neighbors since I'm sure they are faster but taste just as good. After all, all of these guys are the "one and only," right?


Anonymous said...

Your blog is certainly amazing..never have I seen a blog all about food like this. i'm also glad to see you posted pretty nice stuff about the restaurant 'Hachi Manya' in the Carlton hotel, as that restaurant belongs to my friends mom...keep it up!

minitotoro said...

I prefer the Thomson Road's roti prata, somehow the dough tastes better . The teh tarik is much better at Jalan Kayu though! (but it's not the shop that sells the better prata), it's next to it, the one which sells all sorts of fancy pratas

Anonymous said...

Hi,I realize you havent been updating. Have been dropping by to read your blog these few months. Any updates?

Woody said...

Hey guys! Did u know that there is a new joint in Jalan Kayu? Itz called Ta'aam Restaurant. Very wide range of food and the prata is nice. Service is friendly. Value for money especially the N. Indian food and the very unique Indian-Chinese food.