Saturday, June 18, 2005

UAL Biz Class "Prior to Arrival" cheese

UAL Biz Class

These guys featured an "International cheese selection - Camembert, Blue Opal, and Gruyere cheese with fresh fruit" along with a glass of Pavillon de Loudenne 2001 Medoc. I like cheese and wine (particularly cheese), but I have never really been properly schooled in the distinctions and procedures (are you supposed to cut off the rind of the Camembert and spread it, or is that too ghetto?). I've never been a huge fan of Camembert, and the Blue Opal was disappointing (not quite the rich blue cheese I'm used to at Morton's!). But the Gruyere had a nice taste, even if it was a bit firm. The Medoc was nice too - I never remember wine names, so hopefully I'll remember this time.

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monsterwoof said...

Now I know why people pay more for biz class. They don't serve stuff like this in cattle class!