Friday, May 27, 2005

Pasta at the Coffee Bean??

Yes, they've expanded beyond just pastries and cake. They now have pasta too. I asked them how they prepare it (considering there isn't exactly a kitchen at the Coffee Bean kiosk in our office), and they said they basically just heat it up with hot water and mix it up.

It didn't sound great, but I tried it just to save some time, and it actually wasn't too bad. An excess of pepper and garlic probably covered up any compromises in ingredient freshness, but it was definitely very edible. I won't mind going there again.

On a side note, it was very interesting to see Coffee Bean stores in Taiwan and Singapore a number of years ago. Prior to that, I thought Coffee Beans were only a couple small mom-and-pop shops back in Westwood Village.

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nadster said...

i don't know when they first introduce pasta to coffee bean, but in KL they don't serve it in a plastic bowl & fork and spoon. weird. yeah, and they use hot water. I had a seat near the counter once and the "chef" walked out behind the bar with the "fresh" pasta in her hands and prepared, right in front of all the customers. anyways... it's pasta in a coffee joint. what more can you expect?